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  • Salute from Canada.

    I have struggled for 36 years with psoriasis. It has migrated all over my body, over the years, for whatever reason, and over the last chunk of time settled from the neck up. Which compared to the previous years, was better, but no I could no longer hide it. On my cheeks right beside my nose, my eyelid, my mustache, behind and in my ears. My scalp, at times I felt like I was turning into one giant skin flake. I can laugh, but my confidence was fading. I stopped looking at myself in the mirror, I kissed my girlfriend less, I spent every morning trying to manage it so people wouldn’t notice it first thing. It was slowly driving me mad. I struggled with anxiety and began going out a little less, or taking my pain and frustrations out on my loved ones. I recently was given a little light, that has now turned me into a believer. The closest thing to a cure for psoriasis in 36 years, which I know there is no technical cure…but I’ve been blown away. Seriously. I saw your picture pop up on the psoriasis facebook page article. I had to message you. I won’t go into the whole story here because I’m typing on my phone. I truly believe that I have to share my success and story with other psoriasis survivor. If you are down to chat over email, shoot me a message and I’ll tell you about the recent journey. My confidence has already increased ten fold. It’s crazy, and everyone around me is pretty blown away as well. Stoked. I’m telling you girl, this is the treatment path for us. Stay strong! Salute.


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